Painting from the source is to help people reconnect with their creativity, to heal in a non judgemental environment . It is tapping into the natural dream state , the collective unconscious  universal images , myths and realms  of the unseen.

In a safe sacred space we tap into channelling   images  using large pieces of strong  paper and cheap poster paints. We use these paints so as not to get caught up in worrying about using too much or wasting and it so freeing plus the paint dries very quickly.

There are few guidelines, but one is that we stay on the same piece of paper so as by staying with the same original paper the images grow and change layering image upon image . we can add paper to see where the painting wants to grow , the other one is that we do not comment on others work good or bad.

One of the ways to let go of our judgements, inner critic and of course our perfectionist is to paint as if we are going to burn it, which we do not do!  but it enables us to experiment and not get caught up in holding onto  the nice pretty bit.

We go through a kind of birth /death /rebirth staying in the unknown.

I invite people to express themselves also through sound , writing and movement letting the energy of the painting come through them letting the painting speak.

So come join me awakening the sleeping creative soul.

About Meriel Nicoll

Over the past 30 years Meriel has been exploring her relationship with healing and painting. Having completed a BA in painting & Print-making in Dublin, Ireland, she went on to pursue a successful career as an artist, exhibiting her work internationally. During this time, she was also looking for ways to heal from ME which amongst many other healing practices, led her to train under Marie Perret who is an artist and psychotherapist. This was followed by training under
Aviva Gold, who pioneered "Painting from the Source"

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As a facilitator, Meriel brings a wealth of knowledge of diverse subjects combining the philosophies of the 12 step program (Al-Anon), The Artisit's Way, Intricate Arts Psychotherapy, Spirituality, Healing, Sculpture, Painting, Reiki, Mediumship and Shamanism. She encourages her participants in their personal growth and creativity. The classes are small, safe and supportive.

Meriel moved to Brighton from Ireland 9 years ago and set up The Red Shed in her beautiful, vibrant garden in Hanover.