From Fear to Love

I was desperate to connect with my creativity when I joined Meriel's Transformational Painting workshop last year. I felt my true creativity had been imprisoned since primary school, and had been replaced with a deep egoic fear.  I explained my fears to the group who were all very supportive and Meriel responded by saying that I needn't think about what I was going to paint, but to allow the painting to come and if I wanted to I could even begin by simply painting with my left hand and see what emerged, she added that what ever happened I was not to abandon the painting until it was completed and that would take however long was necessary and she would support me through the process.

On day one I found myself totally immersed in painting a tree, however on day two I became completely stuck and didn't know where to go with the painting. Meriel asked me to introduce myself to the painting, which I thought was very odd but I trusted her completely, I was then to turn my back to the painting and see what came up for me. I heard the words 'roots', so as instructed by this voice within I began to paint the roots of the tree. Much of what I originally painted no longer exists in this final piece as I found myself painting over things after I reached a level of acceptance around certain issues that had come up for me during the process.

The painting you see in front of you was a journey of transformation for me. When Meriel asked me if she could use it for her exhibition I strangely felt totally fine about it, however had this been a painting that I had created in my usual method of egoic fear based painting I would not have had the courage to exhibit it as I would have been far too concerned about what 'you' thought about it. Somehow I have no attachment to this painting as it feels like it has come from another source and one that I am very happy to share.

-       Camilla Bergman

      Meriel is a wise, compassionate and deeply spiritual soul, as well as being an experienced and talented artist. Her work goes into the heart of what makes us creative, and by definition, who we are. The combination of her guidance, the beautiful safe space she holds and the structure and techniques of Process Painting  enabled me to express my creativity in ways that I had never imagined possible. It is a challenging process. I came face to face with my lack of self worth and belief that I am not enough. However, it was only by entering this process did I get in touch with my true essence as a wild and limitless creative soul, which has had profound repercussions on the rest of my life. 

Just got home and had a few moments to sit with my painting. The title and brief description I have come up with is:

Radiance : The journey from confinement and self doubt to freedom and pure, radiant, self expression.      


     Meriel Nicoll trained in Painting From The Source® process with me in Sussex, 2012 . Seeking for many years to blend healing and art, Meriel was blown away by the PFTS and has been teaching the process since. She is a sensitive teacher, always mindful, devoted to the process and to participants. She has impeccable integrity and over the years has become experienced and skilled in facilitating people in the process of intuitive painting while providing a safe holding container. I highly recommend her painting workshop.

- Aviva Gold